Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Power Washing in Mount Pleasant, TX

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Although residential power washing in Mount Pleasant, TX is a service that is being used more and more often these days, many people are still unaware of some of the ins and outs of the process. Here is a list of some of the more commonly asked questions that might help with some of the facets of power washing that you need answers for, as well as shed some light on just how beneficial power washing can be for your home.

How often should I power wash my home?

Ultimately, the year-round climate and variation in the types of weather conditions that your home is exposed to will determine how often you need power washing services. If you live in a region that is humid for large portions of the year, you might need to pressure wash your house more often than normal to combat mold and mildew buildup. If your home is in an environment that sees frequent heavy storms, your gutters could be susceptible to an increased amount of debris, which means that you would likely need to power wash more often in this instance as well.

When is the best time to power wash my house?

You don’t want to power wash your home during the cooler winter months, when the likelihood of your home being soiled again by adverse weather conditions is high. You also want to avoid power washing your home at the beginning of the fall season, when the wind will likely kick leaves and debris right back on to your home in short order. The best time to power wash your home is when the temperatures are warm and moderate, and the weather doesn’t pose an immediate threat to disturb the cleanliness of your home’s exterior.

What areas of my home’s exterior can be power washed?

Since the entirety of your house’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, there really isn’t an area on the outside of your home that wouldn’t benefit from power washing at one point or another. The aluminum, wood or even vinyl siding encasing your house can get dirty pretty quickly, but power washing can refresh the look with relative ease. If your home was built with brick, dirt and grime can deteriorate and discolor your exterior over time. Regularly scheduled power washing, however, can help you avoid these pitfalls, and restore your brick and mortar to its original splendor. Power washing is also a great way to remove leaf accumulation in soffits and gutters.

It is clear that residential power washing in Mount Pleasant, TX can protect your house in more ways than one. If you want to learn more about the process or schedule a consultation for your home, contact us at Castletop Roofing. Over the past 11 years we have become one of the most trusted exterior improvement companies in the area, and we are dedicated to making sure that your house looks its best at all times. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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