Warning Signs That You Need New Gutters

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Gutters are an important but often neglected aspect of a property. Their proper functioning prevents extensive moisture damage that could wreak havoc on a home. This makes proper maintenance and gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX an essential part of property ownership.

How can you know if it’s time to replace the gutters on your home? Use the following guide to decide if your gutters have reached the end of their lifespan. If you notice any of these warning signs, contact a professional for gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX:

  • Sagging: Are your gutters sagging or pulling away from their proper mount? This usually indicates that the gutter is full of water. The weight is making it pull away from the house. If it were draining properly, this would not happen. Debris may be causing a blockage, or there may be other problems with your gutter system. It’s important to find the root of this issue and make repairs as soon as possible.
  • Leaking: Do you see any water marks below your gutter? This indicates the gutters are leaking. The water that escapes can cause damage to your soffit and fascia board, so it’s important not to ignore these signs of leaks. Check your gutters for leaks at least once each year and, if you see signs of leaking, contact a professional for gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX.
  • Molding: Have you found pools of water near your home’s foundation? Watch for mildew in the areas near your foundation. This gathering of water and the resulting mold growth means your gutters aren’t carrying water away from the home as they should. You may simply need to clean your gutters, or it might be time to replace them. Either way, the problem should not be ignored. Make repairs right away to avoid further damage to the home.
  • Peeling: How does the paint job on your gutters look? Is it starting to peel or flake? If you notice the paint is starting to peel or there are orange flecks of rust, the gutter is not removing water as it should. Since gutter paint is designed to hold up under weather conditions over the years, the peeling paint indicates that damage is most likely present. It might be time to replace your gutters.
  • Cracking: Are your gutters solid? Even minor cracks can become major issues quickly. Leaking water can cause further damage to the gutters as well as to your exterior and the foundation. If you notice any cracks in your gutters, contact professionals right away for gutter replacement or gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX.

Heed the Warnings

If you notice any of these warning signs that you need gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX, don’t hesitate to act. Delays will only cause additional damage and result in greater costs for repairs. If your gutters need attention, contact the experts at Castletop Roofing and Construction. Our professionals will properly evaluate your gutter system and determine what repairs are needed to keep your property in top condition. Reach out to our team today to get started.

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