Warning Signs of Roofing Contractors in Titus County, TX That You Don’t Want to Hire

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Selecting a company to repair or replace your roof is not that simple—and honestly, it should be a somewhat tough process because you need to feel good about your final decision. Really think about it—your roof is a huge investment, so it’s important to take the time to find the right contractor for the job. There are many qualified roofers in your area, but unfortunately, not all roofing contractors have the best intentions.

Here are some warning signs of roofing contractors in Titus County, TX you should avoiding hiring for roof repairs or replacement.

Knocking on doors after a storm

Some roofing companies send representatives out to knock on doors in areas dealing with the aftermath of a big storm. These types of roofing contractors (known colloquially as “storm chasers”) often offer on-the-spot free inspections or roof installation for free or at a substantial discount. While such gestures may appear sincere and generous, they might actually be trying to scam you by preying on your recent misfortune. Just be aware of roofers who solicit at your door. You could end up losing money, not be able to find them in the future to handle issues or have to hire someone else later to fix a storm chaser’s substandard work.

Cannot show proof of license and insurance

No matter how you find a roofing contractor, make sure they are licensed and insured, and ask to see verifiable proof. This will protect you, your home and the workers on your roof in the event that an accident occurs on your property. In other words, a licensed and insured roofing company will be able to cover any damages and injuries that take place during roof work.

Asks for cash up front

As with any other large home improvement project, you shouldn’t be asked by a roofer for an upfront cash payment. A reputable company accepts cash or check at the completion of the work, but some offer good financing options that homeowners appreciate. What you shouldn’t be required to do is pay a substantial amount before the work has even begun. No matter how you pay them, always get your payment receipts and the agreement in writing. A paper trail can protect you if you end up in a dispute.

Poor communication

If you have ever hired a truly professional contractor for a large-scale home improvement project, then you know what real communication is like. Roofing is no different. The contractor and team should be knowledgeable and willing to discuss project details whenever you ask. Don’t hire a contractor who is standoffish, dodges your questions or pressures you to sign a contract. Your roofing contractor must communicate everything you need to know about your roofing project—the steps involved, what the crew will be doing that day, any changes to the schedule or work and incidents of accidental damage to your property.

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