Be in the Know: Protect Yourself from These Three Common Gutter Repair Scams

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Hiring a professional to repair your gutters should be simple, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many companies are more interested in making money than in providing high quality gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX. They’ll use low-quality products, provide poor workmanship or rely on questionable tactics to make money. Any of these home improvement scams can put unsuspecting homeowners out thousands of dollars. Plus, they’ll also find themselves stuck paying even more to fix the problem the right way.

Understanding the warning signs of roofing and gutter scams is one of the best ways to protect yourself from being swindled. Watch out for the following common gutter repair scams.

Subpar repairs

Subpar repairs can be a bit tricky to protect yourself from because everything appears fine until the offenders are long gone. Inadequate gutter repairs usually don’t become apparent until the first big storm hits. The so-called “gutter repair specialist” might claim to have addressed the problem, but actually failed to remedy the real issue at hand. This type of scam may leave your gutters looking great, but their performance is as bad as it was before—and you’re stuck paying for a second round of repairs to fix the first one. The best way to avoid this one is by only hiring reputable professionals for gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX.

Unnecessary repairs

Steer clear of any over-eager repair specialist ranting and raving about everything supposedly wrong with your gutter system. Many disreputable companies take advantage of homeowners by performing too much work. They claim to find a long list of problems before repairing them. Sometimes, the issues didn’t exist in the first place and no true repairs were ever done, but you’re still stuck paying for them. Avoid this one by having multiple gutter repair companies inspect the gutters. You’re safe if both recommend the same repairs.


A gutter repair company can charge whatever it wants for their services, but a good one will charge a fair price. It’s your job as the consumer to separate the reasonable estimates from the outlandish ones. Get estimates from at least three gutter repair companies to identify the average cost.

Avoid gutter repair scams

So, how can you avoid a gutter repair scam? For starters, never fall prey to door-to-door solicitors promising to repair your gutters at a future date. Don’t let some ridiculously good discount convince you to agree to the repairs on the spot, either—this is a common sales tactic used to pressure people into making a deal. Don’t consent to repairs before everything is spelled out in a detailed written agreement that includes the estimated costs of parts, labor and any other anticipated expenses. Most importantly, remember you have the right to walk away at any time if you ever feel uncomfortable with the company or the deal.

If you do need gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX, choose a gutter repair company you can trust, like Castletop Roofing and Construction. Call us today for a consultation and more information from one of our reputable team members!

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