Update Your House’s Paint Before Summer Is in Full Swing!

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When it comes to outdoor home projects, some can’t be done at just any time of the year. It’s important to plan appropriately and smartly to avoid wasting time and money. Take painting, for example—there is an ideal time of year to paint the outside of your house. Winter is too wet, and late summer often brings scorching temperatures, so what is the best weather for exterior painting in Mount Pleasant, TX?

Early summer is actually the best time for this type of project. The weather conditions during the early summer months are usually dry and warm, not unbearably hot, which gives the paint a chance to dry and cure properly. Here’s why you should update your house’s exterior paint before the summer season gets into full swing.

The ideal conditions for painting outside

The weather is typically cooperative in early summer, making this the ideal time of year for exterior house painting jobs. Paint jobs turn out much better during this time because how paint dries depends on the temperature and the weather conditions at the time of application. Choose a few days that’ll be warm and dry, but also take into account the conditions of the few days afterwards—you don’t want cold, wet weather rolling through after you finish painting.

Another thing to consider is big temperature fluctuations from day to night. The paint will have a hard time curing properly if there’s a sudden drop in temperature once the sun goes down.

It’s warm, but not too hot

Early summer (or early fall in some areas) usually offers the most ideal weather conditions for exterior painting jobs. It’s warm and dry, but not too hot, with minimal rain, and there’s less chance for temperature fluctuations. Avoid painting in extreme heat or you’ll risk the paint drying too quickly. This can leave behind ugly brush marks and clumps of paint. Basically, the paint will not dry in a smooth pattern.

Avoid the following

House painting is a huge undertaking, which is why many homeowners hire a professional team of exterior house painters for the job. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional crew, take a minute to check out the following reminders:

  • If it’s wet, don’t paint: Reschedule your paint job if rain is predicted to fall right before, during and/or after painting. All surfaces need to be completely dry if you want a perfectly even application.
  • Avoid temperature extremes: It’s not a good idea to paint outside during the winter months. It’ll be too cold and wet for the paint to dry and cure properly. There are also some days in the summer that are too hot for painting. Also keep in mind the fluctuation in temperatures from day to night in early summers.
  • Know the area’s climate: Talk to a professional painting contractor to find out how the climate where you live can affect exterior paint jobs.

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