Signs Your Gutters Could Use Some Maintenance

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Your gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage and a variety of other issues. For this reason, it’s important to keep a close eye on your gutters and make any repairs necessary if they begin to show some signs of wear and tear, or more significant damage.

But how do you know if your gutters could use some work? Here are just a few examples of some signs you should watch for that indicate you need to make some gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX:

  • Cracks: Do you have cracks starting to form in the surface of the gutters? The more cracks you have, the more likely it is you’re going to have problems with the gutters carrying and diverting water in the way they’re supposed to. The water can seep through the cracks, falling to the ground below and letting water seep into the ground next to the foundation, where it could potentially cause some long-term structural damage to your home. Even small cracks should be fixed quickly so you can prevent them from becoming larger.
  • Clogs: For the most part, you should be able to fix clogs in your gutters by cleaning them out on a regular basis. Gutters often get clogged up with leaves, twigs and other debris, especially if they don’t have a gutter protection system installed on them. At a certain point, your gutters can get so clogged that water is unable to collect in and move through them, meaning it’ll just spill over the sides. This means you’ll have water collecting right around the foundation of your home. Again, you should be able to clean the gutters and resolve the issue, but in some cases there could be a problem with the design of your gutters that makes them more likely to clog up, or you could have broken gutter protectors that are no longer doing their job well enough.
  • Peeling paint: If you notice paint peeling or bubbling on your gutters, this could be a sign that you have water leaking through them. You should check for other signs of leaking. If you’re unable to find anything, it could be just a cosmetic issue, but it’s still worth addressing so you can keep your home looking great.
  • Sagging gutters: Have you noticed your gutters sagging or starting to pull away from your house? There are a variety of reasons why this can happen, including particularly heavy clogs and some weak structural support. It can help a lot to keep your cutters clear of debris, but the issue could also be the brackets or soffits holding the gutters in place. You may need to add some additional support to prevent these issues from occurring.
  • Water marks: Water marks can start to form on your gutters when water overflows and runs down the sides of the gutters. Again, this is a sign that water isn’t flowing through the gutters properly, so either you need to repair some cracks or you need to clean the gutters out.

These are just a few of the most common signs indicating that you need gutter repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX. For more information, contact Castletop Roofing and Construction today.

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