How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your House

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There may come a time in every homeowner’s life when updating the exterior paint is a must. But unlike interior wall paint, exterior paint will be visible to your neighbors and passersby. You want your home to stand out in a good way and be painted in a color you love, so consider your color palette wisely. Also keep in mind that you’ll have to work your new house paint around existing outdoor features, like landscaping, roofing and hardscaping.

The goal is to select a color scheme that works for both your style and your home’s outdoor surroundings. Below, our professional exterior painters in Mount Pleasant, TX share their tips for choosing the right exterior paint colors for your house.

Plan around existing elements

If you are repainting your house (and not remodeling it), take note of existing features that will remain in place, such as roof shingles, driveways, landscaping and stonework. What colors are these surfaces? In order for a new exterior color scheme to work, it must blend well with the colors of nearby features.

Painting professionals suggest identifying similar undertones between existing colors on your property to help encourage your palette choice. Some examples of warm undertones include brown, khaki, rust and beige, while cool undertones include blue, gray and black. Now, find paint colors that will tie the fixed elements and house exterior together!

Consider your home’s style

Another goal is to choose an exterior paint scheme that’s appropriate for your home’s architectural style and era—bungalows, Victorian, ranch and mid-century modern are some of the styles you might have to account for. If you happen to own a house that’s in a unique style or from a specific time in history, reach out to paint manufactures or your local paint experts for a list of historically accurate colors. Having this information or seeking help from a color consultant can help you come up with a color combination fit for your home’s style.

Choose several shades

A good rule of thumb is to choose more than one paint shade. For the most part, exterior house color schemes have three major parts: field color (the dominate shade), accent color (which lets doors, windows and other smaller sections pop) and trim color (which is applied around door and window casings, roof edgings and overhang edges). Make sure you choose a trim color that contrasts with the field color, and consider going bold with accent colors.

Test the paint colors

Don’t rely on sample paint swatches. Exterior shades can vary significantly from the paint swatches, so your best bet is to test colors on inconspicuous areas of your home. Let the patches dry, then observe them throughout the day in different light and in different weather conditions. Because painting the exterior of your house is a huge project, you’ll want to get the colors right the first time.

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