Don’t Wait Any Longer! Focus on Gutter Repair in Mount Pleasant, TX to Prevent Damage to Your House

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The weather may be nice now, but the rainy season is not far away. How prepared is your home for the rain? Check your roof’s water mitigation system well in advance. Waiting too long to begin gutter repair in Mount Pleasant, TX can put your house in danger of serious water damage. Below are the most common types of property damage that can occur if you don’t deal with malfunctioning rain gutters:

  • The roof and attic: When rain gutters fail to function properly, there’s a heightened risk of rooftop water damage. The most damaging situation comes after rainwater is forced underneath roofing shingles. You’ll likely end up spending a heap of money on roof repairs or even a replacement. Faulty gutters put your attic space in danger, too. When they overflow, the water can damage both the roof and the attic.
  • Exterior walls: Malfunctioning or leaking gutters or downspouts can cause serious damage to your home and damage otherwise good sections of gutters. Downspouts are susceptible to ground vibrations, which can cause loosening and damage. Make sure downspouts are placed right to move water away from your foundation, and check for leaks to avoid damage to exterior walls. If leaks are not fixed, water can seep through the wall material and ruin paint and finishes. Ultimately, ignored leaks can weaken gutters and cause them to fall off the house.
  • The foundation: Rain gutter systems are in place to direct rainwater away from your home, but failed rain gutters will not hesitate to send water to critical areas of your house, such as the foundation. Too much water around your foundation can cause the ground to shift, which can lead to cracking and settling. The best preventative measure is to hire a professional to clean or repair your rain gutters ahead of the rainy season.
  • Belongings: In the event that your gutters fail and water does get inside your house, take immediate action to avoid indoor issues, including damage to flooring, furniture and electronic devices. Move furniture, televisions, computers, game consoles and appliances away from the water before any serious damage can be done.
  • Nearby landscape: Clogged rain gutters can overflow or splash water over the edges of your roof and onto plants, flowers and grass down below. Even if the water doesn’t directly destroy plants, too much water can wash away the topsoil, damaging your yard. Maintain and clean your rain gutters and consider evaluating your property’s drainage system.
  • Mold growth: Another common problem associated with damaged rain gutters letting water inside your house is mold growth. Once mold appears, it’s hard to eliminate it from surfaces, especially the walls, roof and floors. Mold is also bad for human health, triggering allergies, respiratory issues and skin problems.

For more information about gutter replacement or gutter repair in Mount Pleasant, TX, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Castletop Roofing and Construction. We’d love to schedule an appointment to ensure your gutters are in tip-top shape and ready to do their job. Call us today and let us know how we can help!

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