Five Common Roofing Issues to Watch Out for in Winter

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Your home’s roof is meant to hold strong against the climate in the area where you live. It protects you, your family and your belongings inside the house from the discomforts of the hot summer sun, and the harsh cold come winter. But it must remain in good condition if it’s to hold strong year-round—otherwise, the undesirable outdoor elements could get inside. With that in mind, remember that regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting roof.

Don’t ignore important roof repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX! If you can fix it yourself, do it. If you can’t make the repair, call a professional roofer for an assessment as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common roofing problems to watch out for this winter:

  • Condensation formation: Condensation appears when warm air makes contact with a cold surface. While condensation can occur on almost any type of surface, it’s more damaging to some areas than others. For example, an improperly insulated residential attic is likely to come down with a serious case of condensation. The moisture it produces can lead to mildew and mold growth, ultimately damaging the interior structure of your home. Ensure proper ventilation in the attic to avoid damage to the roof decking and other roof features.
  • Nearby trees: Having trees growing around your property can boost curb appeal, raise the value of your property and provide year-round beauty. However, large trees that are too close to your house pose danger. Overhanging tree limbs can blow around during wind storms and scrape against the surface of your roof, which can cause damage to the protective top layer. Worse yet, branches could fall onto your roof. The best thing you can do is keep trees trimmed back at least six feet from your roof.
  • Leaky flashing: The majority of residential roofs are sloped. If you have a sloped roof, then there’s a chance you’ve encountered leaky flashing at some point. Flashing is strips of metal placed around the front edges, ridges and corners of roofs. They also go around chimneys and skylights. If not installed properly and a storm hits, flashing materials can pull away from the roof, which leads to water leaks. Inspect all flashing a couple times a year to prevent problems.
  • Strong winds: Winter weather is often more than just rain. In many areas of the country, wind storms are also a part of winter. Extremely high wind speeds are known to loosen asphalt and damage shingles, possibly even pulling them off the roof completely. Replace lost shingles immediately to avoid further damage to your roof.
  • Ice: Freezing-cold winters can lead to ice dams, which develop when the upper part of the ice begins to melt, but water in the gutters is still frozen. The melt refreezes over the frozen water, creating hazardous ice dams.

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