Spring’s Coming! Here Are Some Spring Cleaning Roof Care Tips from the Pros

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Every homeowner and commercial property owner should have a basic understanding of roof care and maintenance. You should be able to identify possible issues—like missing or damaged shingles—and the signs of an aging roof. It may need to be repaired or replaced. Keeping shingles clean and clear of debris, performing regular checks and making repairs in a timely manner are all necessary steps to help your roof last a long time free of problems. In short, practicing proper roof maintenance in Mount Pleasant, TX is important—especially in the spring after a savage winter.

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for a roof cleanup! Read on for a list of warm weather cleaning tips from the pros:

  • Trim tree limbs: Spring weather will get warmer as the days go by. Warm temperatures and sunlight are essential for new plant growth, but watch out for growing limbs extending out too close to your roof or hanging over shingles. If limbs can touch the roof, then they can easily scrape over shingles and scratch off the protective granules. This will reduce the lifespan of the roof. Trim trees that are close to your house to keep limbs from touching the roof’s surface.
  • Scoop up leaves and other tree debris: Leaves, pine needles and other tree debris are bound to fall on top of your roof. While a small amount of leaves won’t hurt your roof, too much can trap moisture in the shingles, which can lead to mildew and blocked gutters, and even put extra weight on the roof. This spring, carefully take a leaf blower or roof rake to the roof.
  • Get a handle on moss: Moss can grow on roofs that are heavily shaded by overhanging tree branches. Cutting back limbs and removing leaves will let in sunlight that’ll dry up the moisture to help keep moss growth to a minimum. Contact a local roof cleaning company to take care of a serious moss issue.
  • Kill mold: You may see discolored streaks on your roof. These are a sign of either mold, mildew or fungus, which can contribute to the deterioration of roofing materials and cause leaks. Do not use a pressure washer to blast away mold from roofing shingles—it can loosen granules and damage shingles to the point of total failure. Instead, use a store-bought solution specially formulated to deal with rooftop mold or algae.
  • Inspect roofing materials: This past winter may have taken a toll on your roof. To ensure everything is fine, hire a professional roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection. He or she can identify issues like missing shingles or damage to the chimney, flashing, vents or valleys in the roof.
  • Repair gutter damage: Heavy snowfall and pounding rain during the winter months could’ve damaged your gutter system, and fallen leaves and debris can clog rain gutters. Before spring rains come, clean out the gutters, check for damage and make sure all gutters are secured in place.

Proper roof maintenance in Mount Pleasant, TX is crucial. Contact Castletop Roofing and Construction today for more information or to schedule a service consultation!

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