Reasons to Invest in a Metal Roof for Your Home

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The perfect roof is one that’s durable, saves you money and stands up to extreme weather. Among all the different kinds of roofing materials, only one offers the level of protection you need. Metal roofs cost a little more than other materials, but are sometimes the best option for homeowners living in Mount Pleasant, TX. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of having a metal roof.

Unmatched durability

Metal beats all other roofing materials in terms of durability. With metal roofing, your investment could last up to 70 years! Unlike wood and vinyl, metal roofs are impervious to rot and bug infestations. Other common roofing materials will leave your home vulnerable, but not metal.

Though metal roofs are a tad more expensive, you’ll save money over the long term by not paying for constant repairs and upkeep. Metal is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance roof. After the installation, you’ll barely have to think about it for decades.

Lower energy bills

The hot summers of Mount Pleasant, TX can get pretty rough. You need a metal roof that can deflect sun rays and stop your home from overheating. This feature keeps your house’s interior cool and saves you money on your energy bills. Metal is the only roofing material that contains reflective properties, and therefore is a smart choice for homeowners living here in the South.

A big problem with materials like wood, asphalt and vinyl is that they sustain wear and tear over time. Heavy winds tear off shingles and mess with your attic’s insulation, which makes you waste money on air conditioning. Metal panels are bolted down tight and won’t get swept away.

Easy installation

One of the many benefits of having a metal roof is that they’re easy to install. In some cases, the panels could even be laid directly on top of the roof that’s already in place. Metal works great on both flat and steep roofs, making it the best material for all types of buildings. A quick and easy installation means you’ll spend less compared to a material like wood, which requires more time and effort.

Protection against weather

Metal roofs assist with the drainage process every time it rains. The slick material guides rainwater to the gutters, which then carry it away from your roof. This is a wonderful benefit of having a metal roof, because other materials like vinyl are more likely to let water build up.

Homeowners in Mount Pleasant, TX don’t get that much snow, but can still benefit from a metal roof that guards against ice. Other types of shingles allow ice dams to form along the gutters and hinder the draining process. These blockages cause more water to build up and create larger ice dams. Metal panels minimize the risk of excessive weight on your roof.

For your next home improvement project, consider switching to a metal roof. The licensed experts at Castletop Roofing and Construction have over 10 years of experience installing metal roofing panels and many other types of roofing materials. Read reviews from our satisfied customers to learn why we’re the most trusted roofing contractor in Mount Pleasant, TX.

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