Common Issues We Find in Landscape Lighting Wiring

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Your home’s curb appeal can be greatly enhanced by some outdoor lighting—but if it’s not wired properly, it can be a safety hazard. If you’re having trouble with your landscape lighting, it could be a wiring problem. Here’s what a professional landscape lighting installation company in Mount Pleasant, TX might find when they come to fix your wiring.


By virtue of being outdoors, your landscape lighting can collect moisture. Often, the heat generated by the lightbulbs is enough to burn off any moisture or condensation. If not, or if the lightbulb burns out, the fixture and connections can corrode.

Corrosion can also occur when the connections are bad, “wicking” water from outside into the light fixture. This can be a safety hazard (water and electricity don’t mix), while also making it difficult for electricity to reach your bulb.

To avoid corrosion in the sockets, dielectric compounds can be used. For faulty connections, waterproof connectors can keep water where it belongs: outside your light fixtures.

Bad connections

Speaking of faulty connections, this is one of the most common issues we find in landscape lighting wiring. For example, if your lighting was installed using pierce point connectors (they pierce a hole in the wiring case), water can enter your system from there. Other contractors might use wire nuts and bury the wiring in the ground. Again, this makes it susceptible to water infiltration.

Water can ruin your landscape lighting, but it also presents a major safety hazard. When you’re installing landscape lighting, make sure you work with a professional landscape lighting installation company in Mount Pleasant, TX. An experienced contractor will know exactly how to wire your lights so your home and the lighting remain safe.

Burned-out bulbs

Burned-out bulbs might not seem like a big deal, especially because it’s easy to replace them. However, this may mean that your lighting wasn’t wired properly. For example, the “daisy chain” method of wiring can prevent your lights from receiving the proper voltage. The first one might get the right amount, but subsequent lights will be dimmer and dimmer. This causes them to burn out well before their time.

The more precise your electrical needs, the more important it is to hire a professional to install them. You’ll also need to make sure that you properly maintain them: have them inspected and tuned up twice a year, and rewire the entire system every two years.


Finally, pests can be a major issue in outdoor lighting. Fire ants are particularly prevalent in the south, and they’re experts at invading light fixtures—even the ones that are set up above ground. If you’ve noticed pests attacking your landscape lighting and wiring, have a pest control company treat your lawn and garden.

When you need a professional landscape lighting installation company in Mount Pleasant, TX, call the team at Castletop Roofing and Construction. We’ve been working with area property owners for more than a decade, and are prepared to tackle any type of project you have in mind.

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