Hiring Professional Painters? Check These Six Things First

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Your home usually needs new paint every 10 years or so. Besides keeping your home looking fresh, paint protects it from the elements. Painting homes is complicated, so it is crucial to choose the right exterior paint specialist in Mount Pleasant, TX. Otherwise, saving money on the work now often means spending more on repairs later. Here are six things to check before you hire a house painter:

  • Reviews: The best way to find a good painting contractor is through word-of-mouth referrals. If your neighbor, friend or coworker recently had a house painted, they likely have plenty to say about their contractor. Listen to the bad as well as the good—you may learn who not to hire! If you do not know anyone who recently painted a house, online reviews can help. Many reviews contain before and after pictures to help you assess painters. Since there will always be customers who are never happy, judge by the number of positive reviews rather than hold one negative review against a contractor.
  • Licenses and insurance: Contractors with the proper license and insurance coverage are likely to cause fewer problems. Their license carries a bond in case they cause damage. Insurance covers any injuries to their workforce while painting your house. Without the proper license or insurance, you risk no remedies for substandard work. Any workplace accidents fall under your homeowner’s policy if your contractor does not carry workers’ compensation insurance. If a contractor balks at showing you proof of insurance so you can verify it, move on to the next option.
  • Years in business: Most new painting companies fold within three or four years. Even if your house painter offers experience, they are a risk if their business is new. Hire companies with established reputations and companies that are at least five years old. These companies also offer more references and reviews so you can anticipate whether they provide quality services.
  • Quality materials: Do not hesitate to ask about materials, especially paint brands. If a contractor purchases the cheapest paint, there is a good chance your paint job will not last more than a few years. Professionals use brands like Sherwin-Williams because they work. Avoid contractors who use off brands or paint that’s not designed explicitly for exteriors. Besides using quality paint, professional house painters would also use effective professional-grade tools.
  • Warranties: Good painting contractors stand behind their work. They offer warranties with a five-year guarantee and promise to fix any mistakes if you discover them later. If you find their commitment to customer service lacking, consider another contractor.
  • Written estimates and contracts: Painting estimates should be detailed and itemize labor and materials. If there are reasons an estimate may change during work, the contractor should give you a heads up and explain the situation. Contracts should also be in writing and make services clear. If you receive a low estimate but no details, assume the work is going to be substandard. Choose the better communicator over the lowest price.

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