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Reasons You Can’t Put Off Your Soffit and Fascia Repairs

September 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Roofs come in all different styles, colors and even materials. They all have one thing in common, though: soffit and fascia boards. Fascia are the straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof, while soffit is the material between the eaves where the fascia and gutters are attached to the walls. Both soffit and fascia provide a pleasing aesthetic for your home, but they also protect your home and serve some other functional purposes. Unfortunately, soffit and fascia can become damaged over time, necessitating a need for local soffit repairs in Mount Pleasant, TX. Continue reading to... View Article

Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Soffits and Fascia

September 30, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

You probably don’t think about your home’s soffits and fascia very often. In fact, you might not even know what they are! But the fascia boards that run along the lower edge of your roof, and the soffits below, are crucial parts of your roof’s structural integrity. Failing soffits and fascia lead to major problems for both your roof and your exterior walls. If there’s any good news, it’s that your roof won’t just collapse out of the blue due to failing soffits and fascia. There are several signs you can watch for that you need fascia and soffit repair... View Article

Warning Signs That You Need Fascia and Soffit Repairs in Red River County, TX

January 30, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Soffits and fascia are key parts of the structure of your home and your roof. They help keep debris, water and pests out of your home, and also add an aesthetically pleasing, finished appearance to your home. But as with many other parts of your property, these structural elements can deteriorate over time if exposed to the elements and not maintained. Usually in such cases it’s going to be much easier to replace them rather than attempting to repair them. Here are some signs that you need fascia and soffit repairs in Red River County, TX: You notice evidence of... View Article

Seasonal Storms May Call for Soffit Repairs in Titus County, TX

May 18, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Storm season is upon us. Texans have experienced several storms already. Damage from strong winds and rains may mean you need soffit repairs in Titus County, TX. How can you tell if your property needs repairs? Use the following guide to determine if it’s time to call the pros to keep your property looking sharp. What are soffits? You can’t know if your soffits need repairs if you don’t know what they are. These exterior features are the surfaces under the eaves of your home. The fascia are horizontal boards on the lower edge of your roof. Soffits and fascia... View Article